Music passport for africa

Strengthening the African music sector

Certifying and supporting

The Music Passport is a certification aiming to upgrade and improve the music industry in Africa. It's a door-opener for music professionals to enter the world of copyrights and additional revenue streams. It's also a certificate for those who support the development of the African music sector.

Certification of music industry authenticity

A united measure to upgrade the African music sector

The African music industry is florishing with an increasing number of artists attracting fans around the globe. However, large groups of music professionals do not receive revenues linked to their copyrights, due to the complexity of the collection procedure and the lack of organization to collect revenues from immaterial rights.

The Music Passport is a response to the need of structuring and strengthening the African music sector on the global scene, as well as to inform about music copyrights. The different levels of affiliation depend on the users status : Music Makers, Music Users, or Music Supporters.

Did you know that...

The African Culture and Creative Industries loose US$500 billion every year, due to undeclared, unprotected and uncollected copyrights. The Music Passport aims at changing this drastically and assist copyright holders to claim their rights and collect their revenues.

Customized levels

The joint-effort to empower the African music scene is adapted to three types of affiliates. In addition, value-adding services are tailor-made for the different types of Music Passport holders to enjoy the African music scene and to benefit from the collective ambition.


The certification for artists,  music makers and creators, allows affiliates to obtain a unique music identification number and a digital identity as a certified music maker.

The Music Passport is a door-opener for music makers and copyright holders to benefit from additional revenue streams generated from copyrights.


The certification for Music Users affirms that the affiliate is a responsible music users who respect copyright legislation.

Thanks to the Music Passport, innovative techniques are proposed to facilitate the reporting of music that is used.

Communication tools are also offered so responsible music users can strengthen client satisfaction.


Organizations or individuals wanting to support the African music industry can apply for a Music Passport. In return for the support, the affiliate can enjoy free access to information, music as well as special offers.

The Music Passport is a new tools for Governments & Ministries to strenghten and promote their music industries through the Tourist Music Passport.


Value-adding services

A part from the Music Passport certification, affiliates can benefit from value-adding services in three different dimensions. The services are available via the mobile app and the online platform.


New revenue streams

  • Easy registration of musical works thanks to the unique music identification number.

  • Monitor the usage of registered music works.

  • Monitize on music copyrights and collect revenues generated from music.

  • Promotion tools, allowing music makers to register information to the Africa Music Libary.

  • Financial tools, allowing easy payments throughout the world.


Certification & licence

  • Simplified music licence with adapted payment methods, allowing music usage in public.

  • Fair & transparent distribution of copyright revenues to the right-holders, on a pro-rata basis.

  • Easy registration of musical that the music user plays in public.

  • Promotion materials to foster & encourage responsible music usage and attract new clients.


Access to music & information

  • Access to a large library of music and information about African music and artists.

  • Special promotion offers in the country they visit, including events and local culture.

  • Direct support to the African music industry  as the funding allows the Culture & Creative Industries to reinforce their copyright sector and thereby start collecting revenues that were previously ignored, from around the world.

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Real-time monitoring

for tracking and protecting

Thanks to an innovative software platform, Music Passport users can access their data in a click. Music Makers can register music in the app or online and follow the usage of their works in real-time. Music Users can easily access their certifications and licenses and upload playlists of the music they use. Music Supporters can access content, information and special offers directly in their smartphone.

Responsible tourism

Tourism is a powerful vehicle for economic growth and has become vital to African development. The foundation of tourism is discovery, which is why a Tourist Music Passport has been tailor-made to offer persons visiting Africa cultural content and experiences in exchange for a financial support to the Cultural & Creative Industries. Developed in close partnership with Smart Africa Alliance and Ministries of Culture & Tourism throughout Africa.


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